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Hello! 👋 My name’s Tobias Davis. I’ve built software applications for over a decade and write about things I’ve learned along the way, like:

What is software? How should we create and maintain it? How does it impact real people? I’m still exploring those ideas.

I’ve started a curated Github stars list of tools I use in my normal development cycle. (Ping me if it gets to be a bit old.)

You can look at most of the code I’ve written on Github or on npm, but some highlights I’m excited about:

Other assorted things I’m involved with:

  • HunchJS, compiled search for your static Markdown files.
  • The OpenMergeAPI specifications, which I use to teach API design.
  • The Very Open License is for those who want something even simpler and less restrictive than the MIT license but who are uncomfortable with “The Swears” in the WTFPL.
  • Specifications for a signed tar file for easily passing around cryptographically secure file bundles.
  • The SDMP was my attempt at making the internet a better, more secure place.