Hey there! My name is Tobias Davis, I help companies that are building web-based applications like content management systems, report generators, and analytical tools. I offer project rescue services–fixing bad architecture, and training/mentoring in JavaScript best-practices, as well as normal software engineering as a freelance consultant.

Recently I was at NEJS Conf 2018 and met some really awesome people!

Currently I’m working full-time with From Now On, wrapping up a large migration of the backend JavaScript-based architecture from Azure to AWS, which has dramatically decreased server loading, allowing the company to scale up the number of supported clients drastically.

I’m also migrating a backend+frontend CMS from Jade (now called Pug) to Svelte, which will make feature development cost significantly less, and also lower ongoing maintenance costs.

My availability is limited through September, but in October will start to open up a bit more. If you have projects in the JavaScript space that need rescuing, I’d love to see if I can help you!

Some more things about me:

Here are some things I’ve done for other clients in the past:

Bullet point overview of my career in software: