Always be documenting

A company knowledge base—a set of documents where those in the company can create and update documents—is a strong indicator of good company health. Having one and regularly using it are different things, and in this blog post I’m going to talk about why you should have one and what makes it powerful. Get a […]

Manage your change logs

Every good project should keep a changelog, but how do you easily build and maintain it? In this post I’ll show the approach I’ve been using that’s relatively painless for project maintainers and developers. If you haven’t read the excellent “Keep a Changelog” website you really should. It describes a file that all projects should […]

Advanced features in Bitbucket Pipelines

If you’re using Bitbucket Pipelines, you’ll probably want to use some of the advanced features. In this post I’ll show you two of them: secured environment variables, and private repository access. Previously, I showed how to set up Pipelines to run automated tests. In this blog post I’ve created a new demo repository to show […]

Bitbucket with Pipelines and automated tests

Setting up your project with automated tests and deployments is so valuable that I consider it to be one of the fundamentals of a successful project! It increases developer productivity and decreases bug counts drastically. If you are using Bitbucket to host your project code, you can take advantage of their Pipelines offering to setup […]

Don’t DRY your tests?

There are two primary goals in a good test: documentation and assertion. When humans read code, good tests will show how that code was intended to be used–that’s a type of documentation. But tests are also code and work as an assertion of behavior–because comments are not executed, they often end up being inaccurate and […]

Don’t bikeshed the JSON API specs

I’ve used the JSON-API spec for a while now, and in the last few months I’ve been in a number of best-practice API design discussions and wanted to share some things that have been brought up, and that I’ve thought about since starting to use the spec everywhere. The first thing you should know is […]

How I use JSON API

I’ve worked on and designed many APIs over the years, mostly for small start-up type of companies, and many projects seem like they start their API design with an “anything goes” sort of approach. As a project matures, inevitably the developers want to be more consistent in their API design. Smart engineers will look for […]

Using Svelte for a CMS

In my current work with From Now On I inherited a CMS website that was built with old technology, created in a rush, and had a lot of fundamental issues. In the process of upgrading the site, we decided to use a totally amazing no-framework JS tool called Svelte. After having spent a few months […]