Don’t bikeshed the JSON API specs

I’ve used the JSON-API spec for a while now, and in the last few months I’ve been in a number of best-practice API design discussions and wanted to share some things that have been brought up, and that I’ve thought about since starting to use the spec everywhere. The first thing you should know is […]

How I use JSON API

I’ve worked on and designed many APIs over the years, mostly for small start-up type of companies, and many projects seem like they start their API design with an “anything goes” sort of approach. As a project matures, inevitably the developers want to be more consistent in their API design. Smart engineers will look for […]

Using Svelte for a CMS

In my current work with From Now On I inherited a CMS website that was built with old technology, created in a rush, and had a lot of fundamental issues. In the process of upgrading the site, we decided to use a totally amazing no-framework JS tool called Svelte. After having spent a few months […]

Testing Java 9 module loading

Recently I had the privilege of attending Uber Conf in Denver, and while there I attended sessions by Kirk Knoernschild (@kirkk) and Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s) detailing the new module loading system. (Thank you both for the great intro!) I’m going to journal here my attempts to poke at it and make it do my bidding. […]